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We believe the biggest challenges in our society can be solved through creative, forward thinking engineering. We cultivate our environment for growth and give every team member the ability to develop ideas and make organic decisions with complete autonomy to deliver solutions, regardless of their title or role. Our company's flat hierarchy allows anyone to create the next great solution, or the next great execution.

Fewer Reports and Approvals

The best way to promote innovative thinking is by providing a welcoming environment for ideas to flourish. We provide opportunities for employees to experiment with new technologies, products, and processes to catalyze the next big thing. We aim to stay ahead of the curve, and taking action on ideas instead of just talking about them helps us do that.

Open Job Profiles

Job titles pigeon-hole people into performing only within the boundaries defined by their role. We want people to think outside the box and not be limited by their title. Creativity and skills get utilized more efficiently when people don't feel restricted by a list of actions they can take.

Collaborative Environment

We succeed when we work together. We know anyone can have great ideas to improve our products, so keeping everyone in the loop allows for the full application of everyone's talents instead of splitting into groups, which results in isolation of information. Sharing knowledge fosters office creativity and bolsters relationships.

Meet the Team

Frank is a career entrepreneur with extensive experience designing and developing inventive technology and solutions. His education in engineering and economics are key contributors to his creative approach.

Frank D Perez

Chief Executive Officer
Marc is a customer focused software engineering executive and has deep experience ranging from entrepreneurial companies to business critical projects within Fortune 1000 organizations. Marc brings to Sfile over 25 years of executive experience solving complex problems that reconcile issues across technology and business constraints.

Marc Marshall

VP of Engineering
Abe is instrumental to the IT team at Sfile. With extensive experience in IT, website design, event management, and software documentation, Abe is able to quickly solve any IT challenges at Sfile as needed.

Abraham DeLeon

Manager of Information Systems
Greg brings a Ph.D. and extensive experience in software design and engineering to Sfile. His specialties include system architecture, software architecture, software development, firmware development, telecommunications systems, system modeling, and test automation.

Gregory Aicklen, Ph.D.

Principal Software Engineer
Jianfa holds a Ph.D. in computational physics from the University of Houston (UH) and B.S. from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). He has a passion for studying science and artificial intelligence.

Jianfa Chen

Data Scientist
Karla is responsible for overseeing all operations and making sure the company meets the high expectations of quality we demand of ourselves and our company. Her high energy and ability to tackle jobs of any size has been instrumental in creating the excellent reputation the company affords today.

Karla Montejo

Senior VP of Operations
Nkem has a bachelors and Masters in Petroleum engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, where his research focused on optimizing oil recovery from shale reservoirs. More recently, he has been focused on data-driven approaches to optimizing reservoir performance.

Nkem Egboga

Reservoir Engineer/Data Scientist
With his engineering knowledge and mechanical patents, Robert helps solve geological issues related to the energy industry. His other energy industry focused skills include R&M process development, field personnel development, as well as geo-steering.

Robert Kirby

Principal Geological Engineer
At Sfile, Rory enjoys solving technical problems of all flavors, shapes, and sizes. He has an extensive education in Mathematics and Physics from MIT, with a background in programming. Most recently, he has applied his skills to analyzing oil well data with the goal of predicting production.

Rory Rother

Senior Data Scientist
As part of the Sfile software engineering team, Jason brings a Fortune 500 Company background and a Masters degree in Computer Science. Currently he focuses on initializing testing infrastructure, as well as working on production code.

Jason McDaniel

Software Engineer
Before joining the Sfile team, Kevin studied Computer Science and Biology at Southwestern University. As a member of the Houston team he brings strong technical and analytical problem solving abilities to Sfile.

Kevin Burge

Data Scientist and Product Manager
Zhiguan has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Houston and received his B.S. in Computer Science in Anhui, China. He has worked in computer science as a research assistant at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and as a software engineer in Anhui China.

Zhiguan Hu

Software Engineer
James is a new member of the Houston data science team and studied Mathematics and Physics at Austin College. He has a passion for studying the weather systems of planets and has done research through the Adams Observatory.

James Tenney

Data Scientist/UX Engineer
Lingfeng is a PhD student at University of Houston studying Computational Biomedicine. He has a research background focused on the use of machine learning for image processing and big data analysis with parallel computing technology.

Lingfeng Zhang

Data Scientist/Deep Learning Advisor